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7” BeagleBone Capes

Plug-in to possibilities.

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Easy Android & Linux OS

Provided Ubuntu and Android system images make getting the display up and running with an OS like Android or Linux a breeze.

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Capacitive 5 Point Multi-Touch

These Capes come standard with 5 point multi-touch capacitive touch panels. This means gestures and multiple touch inputs are ready for development use right from the get-go.

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Simple Standard Mounting

Four 3.5mm mounting holes fit with industry standard M3 screws. These Capes are ready to be fitted into any type of hardware environment.

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Introducing the Newhaven Display 7” BeagleBone Capes


The Newhaven Display 7” BeagleBone Capes are for use with a BeagleBone Black board (created & sold separately by beagleboard.org). The product line features three Capes, each mounted to either a Standard, Premium, or Sunlight-Readable 7-inch Newhaven TFT display. Engineered in Elgin, IL USA, these new Capes make display prototype developing easy for current and aspiring BeagleBone users alike. The simple "plug and play" structure allows you to get right to development – even with Android or Linux operating systems.

Harness the Power of BeagleBone


The 7” BeagleBone Capes’ use of BeagleBone development technology means the user can utilize the BeagleBone community and open source resources to facilitate the design process. In addition to the BeagleBone community resources, Newhaven Display provides Operating System images (OS images) written specifically for use with the 7” Cape‘s featured TFT display. The Capes also have a secondary Cape slot present to supplement your BeagleBone development with any other Capes you may need. The amazing BeagleBone community along with these specially designed Capes create a realm of endless possibilities.